Intersectii / Intersections

Vol.7 No.1 Art.1

Fresh Concrete Curing Treatment for Horizontal Surfaces

Vít Petránek;

One of the most important factors for final surface quality in concreting of large dimension slabs is to secure minimum vaporization of water and limit the undesirable tensile and compressive stresses in concrete structure which can be formed by quick drying of the concrete surface. Only purpose of ordinary type of treatment for fresh concrete is to secure sufficient amount of water during hydration. These materials have to be removed or left on place to be worn off. New material based on polymer resin has been developed to keep necessary amount of water to secure proper hydration process in concrete. The intended use of the newly developed product is mainly for horizontal concrete slabs, floors. Polymer is applied onto fresh concrete before or during final surface treatment. Main aim of the research described in the proposed paper is to evaluate effect of polymer on vaporization and with consequences on hydration process. Different amount of dosage of treated and not treated concrete were compared. Paper also describes three different testing methods of evaluation. Main advantage of this product is that this product can be also used as final treatment of concrete with good quality and appearance but also as bonding agent for following polymer layers.

KEYWORDS: polymer coating, excessive drying

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