Intersectii / Intersections

Vol.7 No.1 Art.3

Self Compacting Concrete – a structural material of high efficiency

Ciprian Asăvoaie, Sergiu Călin

Increased productivity and improved working environment have had high priority in the development of concrete construction over the last decade. Because of the different mix design in comparison with traditional concrete and the absence of vibration, different durability characteristics might be expected for self-compacting concrete. The durability of a cementations material is greatly influenced by the permeability of the material for potentially aggressive substances. As the pore structure of self compacting concrete (SCC) might be different in comparison with traditional concrete some changes in durability behavior may occur. Additionally, the technology is improving performance in terms of hardened material properties like surface quality, strength and durability. The productivity is drastically improved through elimination of vibration compaction and process reorganization. The working environment is significantly enhanced through avoidance of vibration induced damages, reduced noise and improved safety.

KEYWORDS: self compacted concrete, workability, chemical admixtures, superplasticizer.

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