Intersectii / Intersections

Vol.7 No.1 Art.10

The use of non-destructive methods for testing indirect foundations of bridges on A3 motorway

Cristina Romanescu, Constantin Ionescu

For each company in the field of road building and not only the construction quality is of great importance. Therefore the organization of well-documented and standardized tests to accurately identify potential defects is crucial to assess whether the constructed items are of sufficient quality. Some methods are recognized for efficiency and precision, such as sonic echo method and impulse response method. These are used for non-destructive quality assessment and identification of internal defects of concrete pilots. Investigations have shown that these methods provides, in a direct and fast manner the length of pilots, the vertical cross sections irregularities of pilots, and the gaps within. Pilots bored in situ have a high risk of deteriorating and it is therefore important to test them. For this purpose are performed the tests for the integrity of individual vertical or inclined pilots by measuring and analyzing the speed and force as response of the pilot with an impact applied, for all bridges located on the Bucharest-Ploiesti motorway.

KEYWORDS: nondestructive methods, bored pilots, sonic echo technique, the impulse response technique.

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