Intersectii / Intersections

Vol.7 No.1 Art.12

Aspects of „in situ” testing of piles with large diameter. Study case

Pleșcan Costel, Varlam Florin

ABSTRACT During the stage of development of a bridge, the quality has a great significance for the life cycle of the work itself. A work performed incorrectly, shortens proportionately the duration of service of construction -bridge, often, may have major implications for economic, social, etc.. This article presents the concept of evaluation of pilots test using tests "in situ" as we find in literature specialized in this field. The case study presented in the second half, highlighted both the need and importance of achieving vertical strength test pilot for foundations. The test confirms the correctness of the calculation assumptions provided by the project, by establishing precise bearing capacity real exerted by the pilot tried.

KEYWORDS: bridge foundation, indirect foundations, test piles, evaluation.

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